Who we are

Beauty Voyagers represent the most reliable beauty and wellness services for any occasion, wherever you are, whether at home, in a hotel, on a yacht or even in your work environment. Our professional and friendly beauty experts, using a range of services, will guarantee you an unforgettable luxury experience that will stimulate your body and your spirit.

Our team

The rigorous and exhaustive recruitment process in combination with the regular service quality check, is the reason why we possess one of the strongest "beauty-teams” of Greece. The professionalism and the discretion that emanates from their moves combined with the uniformity of their dress code, set the bases for the premium experience that will follow.



Body - Facial



Hair, Nails, Makeup




Why trust us

The reason why we claim your trust is not our highly trained staff nor our state-of-the-art equipment. It's our detailed work that's hidden behind every single appointment, to ensure quality for your pleasure.

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